Monday, August 29, 2011


With the production of the first two Hard 8 books now a distant memory, and only one post since the Bush administration, it's safe to say updates on this blog have, for the time being, come to an end. Its intended purpose served, it will live on as an archive of awesome times.

A few points of interest:

Hard Ei8ht Volume 1 is sold out, but is available in digital format from
Hard Ei8ht Volume 2 is, at the moment, still available. 163 pages for $10! Links in the sidebar.
The Art Of Hard Ei8ht is still available. Get it by itself for $5, or get it bundled with Volume 2 for $15. Links in the sidebar.
• The artists involved in Hard 8 also have lots of other cool stuff going on. Check out the sidebar for links to everyone's sites.
• Most importantly, we're not done. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on what's next for Hard 8.

Thanks for your support!